Hard Honey to Go: Honibe Honey Drops

Honibe is a company from Prince Edward Island, Canada (Hello! Hungry Reader shoutout to Anne of Green Gables...). Honibe is passionate about honey; they sell varietals made from the pollen of pumpkin, apple, and blueberry plants. Now they're saying you don't have to give up honey in your tea while you're on the go.

Meet the Honey Drop - honey you can hold.

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We don't like to give up honey either, when we're on the go. We've used honey packets, which are ridiculously messy. We've also tried honey sticks; Trader Joe's sells these, as does Stash Tea. ($7 for 35ct) But these tend to be a little sticky too; you have to cut off the end of the packet and squeeze out the honey.

Then we saw these Honibe drops over at Tastespotting and had to share them. Honibe drops are dried, un-sticky, and dissolve in hot liquids. They are made from 100% all natural, pure dried Honibe honey with no added corn syrup, sugar, or additives.

These are a brilliant idea, but we haven't tried them yet, so we don't know if the honey smoothness and flavor we love is compromised by the drying process in any way. Anyone tried these?

Buy Honibe Honey Drops, $11.99 for a box of 20. They come in regular and lemon flavors.

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