Happy Presidents' Day from The Kitchn

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, the two official honorees of Presidents' Day, both lived in very different residences than today's modern White House. George Washington, in fact, only chose the location of today's mansion; he never actually lived there. The kitchens that they ate out of were much different, too, and not so sleek as today's industrial White House kitchen. Above is the White House kitchen as it was in 1904 when Theodore Roosevelt and his big family were in residence.

More photos of past White House kitchens below...

We're usually off and quiet on Presidents' Day, but given the current election fever we can't resist looking at a few of the leading candidates' food policies. What do they all say about the Farm Bill? What kind of White House kitchen do you think they'd run? Check back for that and more today.

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• The McKinley-era White House kitchen in 1901

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• The Truman-era kitchen in 1948, just before a large renovation.

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• Reagan-era kitchen - preparations for a state dinner in 1981.

(All images courtesy of The White House Museum)

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