Happy Presidents' Day!

Happy Presidents' Day from The Kitchn! We're taking today to look over some DIY posts in honor of our February Jumpstart Project. (Have you entered a kitchen project yet? You have just a few more days.) We'll have some other roundups, too, including one now of some of our favorite President-related food posts.

Read on for Barack Obama's favorite pie (in music video form), Michelle Obama's shortbread cookies, Jefferson's favorite ice cream, and recipes from the Inaugural Luncheon.

Obama's favorite tea in the White House

Truly fascinating Presidential food history, including a recipe for a (massive) cake by Martha Washington. (Maybe for her husband's birthday, the original Presidents' Day?)

Recipe: Thomas Jefferson's Vanilla Ice Cream

A video of Obama laying down the pie challenge and making a point about the election while he's at it.

Pollan on food policy for the new President.

Going back: what does a state dinner look like?

Inauguration fever! Recipes for the Inauguration.

Duck, cinnamon sweet potatoes, and apple sponge cake: the official inaugural luncheon recipes.

On a new President and seafood stew.

Patriotic menus for election night.

2008 Candidates on Food: Barack Obama

Right wings and left wings: more election night food.

Michelle Obama's Shortbread Cookies

(Images: Taqueria visit, righthand side: Photograph by Michael Lloyd/The Oregonian )

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