Happy April Fools Day 2008 From The Kitchn!

So, did you like our small attempts to fool you? Frankly, we don't think we fooled anyone, but we had a really good time coming up with kitchen and cooking ideas we'd (mostly) like to see in real life. Thomas Keller catering opening day? Yes please. Butter that doesn't burn? A date over proper food with Jamie Oliver? Oh yes.

See all of our April Fools 2008 coverage below...

April Fools Day Recipe: Is This Really a Bowl of Cereal?

Boston-Area Food Events for April: Swan Boat Dining and Ghosts of Culinary Legend

New Fruit On the Block: Self-Peeling Citrus

Good Product: Butter That Doesn't Burn

Win a Date with Jamie Oliver! - eBay Scavenger 04.01.08

Hot Trend: Rachael Ray for Your Backsplash

Good Question: Best Product for Composting Under the Kitchen Sink?

Food News: New and Improved Spaghetti Tree Released

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