Hammered Kadhai Set from World Market

Hammered Kadhai Set from World Market

Faith Durand
Jun 5, 2008

When out to eat at Indian restaurants we often get envious of the dishes we are served - not the food, mind you, but the dishes themselves! One of our favorite Indian kitchen staples is the kadhai, a large, flat-bottomed pan with double handles. So when we came across this set, we were delighted.

Read on for more about these classic pans - selling for a great price too.

A kadhai is an essential in nearly every Indian kitchen. These are crafted of hammered stainless steel and they can be used for shallow or deep-frying meat and fish, simmering curries, or just serving pretty dishes for summer.

Hand wash. Small, 5"Dia. Medium, 7.5"Dia. Large, 9.5"Dia. Set of 3.

Hammered Stainless Steel Kadhai Set of 3, $22.37 for a set of 3 at World Market

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(Image: World Market)

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