Grilled Strawberries and a Gourmet Lemonade Party

Grilled Strawberries and a Gourmet Lemonade Party

Faith Durand
Jun 4, 2010

Grilled strawberries with Pimm's, a gourmet lemonade party with fruity ice cubes, and an amazing (and slightly disturbing) art installation with cake.

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Grilled Strawberries with Pimm's - At Seven Spoons.

NYC Coaster Set - Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan... From peppersprouts.

Make Your Own Gourmet Lemonade Party - A fun summer party, with delicious chunks of fruit in the ice cubes. At Cheeky Kitchen.

Scott Hove's Cakeland - An installation with cake and some hidden bits of scary. At The Donut Project.

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