Grilled Kimcheeze Sandwiches
Faith Durand
Aug 26, 2010
Every week we bring you our favorite posts from our friends at Serious Eats. This week? Kimchi grilled cheese sandwiches! Yummy. Plus a look at the best pizza peels for home use, a look at the real daiquiri, and a dish of chickpeas and chorizo. • Serious Cheese: Grilled Kimcheeze Sandwiches - From funky cheese to funky kimchi, this is a tantalizing sandwich. • Revisiting the Daiquiri: More Than Just an Alcoholic Slushie - Nothing more than rum, fresh lime juice and sugar, shaken and served straight up. • Equipment: What's the Best Pizza Peel For My Home? - A thorough look at the pizza peel options out there. • Dinner Tonight: Chickpeas And Chorizo - Gorious red-hued chorizo fat, aromatic spices like cumin, and a nice mix of textures from the creamy chickpeas to caramelized bits of sausage. • A Warm "Hola" to the Mexican Sundae - Chocolate sauce, whipped cream, Spanish peanuts. Previous Good Eats: Summer Vegetable And Tomato Bloody Marys (Image: Katrina Vahedi/Serious Eats)
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