Grill Tonight: Steak with Blue Cheese Potatoes

We love a good menu, so when we saw this one from Martha Stewart we decided to give you an entire spread instead of one lone grill recipe today. Check out the recipes: grilled steak (classic!), blue cheese potatoes, gazpacho (refreshing!), spinach salad with grilled corn, and a whopper of a dessert...

...blackberry wine gelatin! Delicious, and easily done ahead so you can focus on the grill. Get the whole menu of recipes here:

Grilled Steak with Blue Cheese Potatoes and Spinach-Grilled Corn Salad (don't forget the Blackberry Wine Gelatin) at Martha Stewart

Previous Grill Recipe of the Day: Grill Tonight: Baby Artichokes With Caper-Mint Sauce

(Images: Martha Stewart Omnimedia)

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