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Oh man. We want these bad. This is one of our first grilled dessert picks of the summer, and while the grilled component is relatively small, we think that it probably defines the flavor of the whole sticky, gooey, sweet treat.

We found this recipe at food+flower+style, the wonderful blog connected with an even greater online shop. The grilling (or broiling) in this recipe is actually very essential; the enzymes of fresh pineapple do bad things to ice cream. So it's important to cook it first.

We also love the saltiness built into this dish; the author says that she really likes the saltiness of butterscotch sauce with pineapple, and she included more than a pinch of salt in these chewy, crispy bars.

It's an involved dessert, but we think it would be such a wonderful weekend project. Maybe a first run for our new ice cream machine?

Salty Butterscotch Bars with Grilled Pineapple Ice Cream

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
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(Image: Food Flower Style)