Grill Tonight: Fancy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

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Grilled cheese sandwiches... on the grill? Of course! Here are two brilliant grilled cheese sandwiches that we would love to throw on our grill tonight. Taleggio, grapes, gouda, cumin, and red onion are tossed up in two different varieties that are fancy enough for supper with company.

The first sandwich is a Dutch Grilled Cheese with Gouda cheese, cumin, and caraway that are combined to mimic a traditional Dutch Leyden cheese.

The second sandwich is Taleggio With Rosemary Grapes on Focaccia. Yum! (You can see our recipe for rosemary focaccia here.) Taleggio is a very creamy and pungent cheese that goes very well with fruit, especially grapes, as they call for here. You can read more about Taleggio here.

Both recipes are from an AOL Food slideshow (we can't link directly to the recipes, unfortunately).

Grilled Cheese Recipes at AOL Food

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(Images: Maren Caruso )

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