Grill Recipe of the Day: Lamb!

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We are not big red-meat-eaters, but we do love lamb. We also think that lamb is suited especially well to the smoky, outdoors flavor of the grill. Here are two recipes that we are thinking of this July 4th...

Grilled Lamb With Curried Vegetables And Grape Pine Nut Gremolata - This recipe is lengthy, but it promises a special-day meal full of strong,
robust flavor.

Grilled Lamb Chops With Curried Couscous And Zucchini Raita - This preparation is a little simpler but we still like the combination of couscous, curry, and the unusual zucchini raita - yogurt sauce to cool down the hot lamb. Yum!

Are you grilling lamb this weekend? What's your favorite lamb recipe?

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(Images: Romulo Yanes and Noel Barnhurst)

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