Orange, Blue, White, & Red: Gallery of Colorful Kitchens

October is all about color; the Room for Color contest is underway, and so we want to look back at some of our favorite colorful kitchens for inspiration! Here's a look back at some of the colors, from cool to warm, we've seen in real kitchens.

1 Orange - Many orange kitchens, warm and vibrant.
2 Blue - From cool to bold, blue kitchens.
3 Green - Retro mint to grassy green, the color of peas and peppers.
4 Red - From accent stripes to cabinets, red is always a bold choice!
5 White - White isn't just a default; it can be a creative choice and backdrop for a kitchen.

• 6 Grey - Grey can be warm or cool, muted and sophisticated.
• 7 Pink - A rather girly color gets a new look in modern kitchens.
• 8 Brown - Brown can not only be worked with; it can be a star!
• 9 Yellow - We love yellow kitchens!
• 10 Color on the floor and color over your head - A look at color on the floor and ceilings.

Watch for more kitchen color galleries, and some new roundups of our favorite colorful kitchens soon. What's your favorite color for the kitchen?

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