Butter Spreaders: Old News Or Timeless Staple?

Butter Spreaders: Old News Or Timeless Staple?

Kristen Lubbe
May 12, 2010

It's grilling season and that means corn on the cob! We can't have corn on the cob without plenty of butter around and we recently realized that we aren't sure how we're going to get the butter on the corn this season. That is, if we don't go out and purchase a butter spreader.

I won't necessarily have to purchase one, as I know my mother has about four and I could certainly borrow one from her (for an extended period of time, of course). I cannot remember ever eating corn on the cob without using a butter spreader to apply the butter. (Like this mystery Tupperware gadget.)

I have my mother and aunts to thank for introducing me to this gem and I can't imagine turning back. So I'm already sold on the wonders of the butter spreader, but I am curious about what you think. Some argue it's just another item to wash at the end of dinner, but, if you know you're going to continue to have corn then there's no reason to take the butter out of the spreader.

It's really all a matter of opinion, or family tradition — some people don't even use butter on their corn! So what do you think of the butter spreader? Old news or a timeless staple? (And if you are a skeptic take a look at this great cracker-related hack for spreading butter on corn.)

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(Image: Crate and Barrel)

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