Great Gift Idea: Make Hot Cocoa Ornaments

Apparently if you come to my house for a party, I'm bound and determined to send you home with miniature drinks. Remember those hot apple cider shots? Well this time around it's hot chocolate... in an ornament. Fill them up and drink straight from it, because this ornament isn't for decoration, it's for deliciousness.

Some of the best ideas for small favors or handmade gifts come from wedding blogs and today's idea is no different. We checked in over at Project Wedding where we found these cute little hot cocoa ornaments.

They're intended to be filled with hot water, stirred and drank straight from the glass ball. Does that make you a little nervous? The actual drinking part doesn't, but the glass ball not shattering when I pour hot water in it might.

If drinking is too much for you, it's still a super cute way to give the gift of tasty hot chocolate in individual serving sizes with some serious presentation. You can use extra fancy chocolate or mints, but because of the small amount going in each one (which could then be poured into a mug at home), you won't break the bank. What do you think of the idea?

Read More: DIY Favors: Hot Cocoa Ornaments from Project Wedding

(Image: Carly Taylor for Project Wedding)

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