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We are often quick to complain long and loud about bad customer service experiences. But what about great experiences? Sometimes a company just goes above and beyond in service — whether that is seen in correcting a mistake, offering special education and resources to customers, or just being all-round nice people. What are your stories of amazing customer service from kitchen shops and brands?

I just had a great experience with Thermapen, who got what felt like an entire team online to answer some questions and (self-inflicted) problems I had with my thermometer. We've talked about awesome experiences, too, with Tramontina and Le Creuset, which both replaced products long after they were purchased.

Other kitchen shops simply go above and beyond in education and resources for their customers. Mark Bitterman (pictured above) loves to teach customers about salt at his shop in Portland. I've been into coffee shops, bakeries, dairies, and other small artisan stores where the staff and proprietors were just so excited to show you what they do, that you leave feeling inspired and rich with resources.

Do you have stories of places like these? What are your best customer service experiences? Perhaps from a kitchen remodel? Or in a big kitchen purchase? Or simply while looking for the best ingredient for a recipe?

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