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If you listed out every task in the kitchen and asked me which was my least favorite, chopping chocolate would be at the top. I hate the messiness and work of chopping chocolate; it seems to take forever to clean up! So I was absolutely delighted when Trader Joe's started carrying these chocolate callets. For their convenience and ease (not to mention tastiness) they are my favorite dessert pantry staple.
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These callets are small discs of chocolate. They are a standard size (about 1/6 of an ounce each) so it's extremely easy to measure out the chocolate you need for a recipe. If it calls for 3 ounces of chocolate, just count out 18 callets and you're done. No weighing, no chopping.
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These are so easy to pour into a saucepan and melt for dipping candy and fruit, or for brownies. These callets have singlehandedly made Katharine Hepburn's brownies a more frequent occurrence in my household!

The chocolate is inexpensive; this isn't the highest quality of the finest French chocolate. But it's still rich and very good.

I don't remember how much these 8-ounce bags cost (can anyone help me out?) but I don't think they are more than $3 apiece. They're a fabulous pantry staple for bakers and cooks — especially ones who, like me, don't like the mess of chopping chocolate.

Have you tried these callets? What do you think of them?

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