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What are you doing with all those apples you picked out on the farm? How about a batch of sweet, warm, gooey and crumbly apple streusel bars? They worked out well for us!
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
We spotted this recipe at another blog, Our Best Bites, and the sight of warm apple streusel bars was irresistible. We whipped them up very quickly; these come together fast! They look elaborate, but they're quite easy. You don't have to cook the apples first, which helps. You make just one batch of dough, pat 2/3 of it into a pan, then spread sliced apples over it. The rest of the crust mixture gets crumbled on top as a streusel. It's easy, quick, and no-fuss. The most timeconsuming part is peeling and slicing the apples.

One caveat: we found these really sweet! We cut down on the glaze, which does help, but you might want to consider the amount of glaze you use, and also increase the spices a bit to counter the sweetness.

Overall, though, these were an easy treat that really showcased the tart sweetness of autumn apples. We loved them.

Get the recipe: Apple Streusel Bars at Our Best Bites

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