Got Easter Candy? Make Easter Candy Bark

Got too much Easter candy? Jelly beans and Cadbury eggs rolling out of little plastic baskets? Here's one way to both use it up and put it over the top: Easter candy bark.

Lindsey at Gingerbread Bagels shows off this idea, which involves creating a big platter of candy bark (just melted chocolate and pink candy wafers) and then sprinkling chopped-up Easter candy over top. The result is a spectacular conglomeration of candy, chocolate, and pastel colors.

It's pretty over-the-top — why would you add more chocolate and sugar to Easter candy, after all? But we can see some ways this could be very useful. This bark would make great favors for a spring party (baby shower, wedding shower, birthday) and in these big wedges the candy doesn't look so much like Easter leftovers.

Get the recipe: Easter Candy Bark at Gingerbread Bagels

What do you think — and have you ever made bark out of leftover candy?

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(Image: Lindsey of Gingerbread Bagels)

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