Got Any Creative Ways to Use Up Canned Fruit?

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Q: I just moved in with my boyfriend, and when I was going through his pantry came across three cans of mandarin oranges, four cans of peaches, and a can of fruit cocktail that neither of us are ever going to eat. I hate throwing food away, so any suggestions on things I can use these for? I never buy canned fruit, usually opting for fresh, so I'm at a complete loss for creative ways to use these up.

Sent by Ashley

Editor: Ashley, I have a nostalgic love for canned fruit with cottage cheese; it was a lunch staple of childhood, and while I rarely buy canned fruit either, I still indulge sometimes.

You can also add the fruit to smoothies, along with yogurt and ice.

Readers, what other ideas do you have for Ashley's canned fruit?

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(Image: Elizabeth Passarella)

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