Goodbye Expired Pantry Items. I Wish I Had Known Ye.

Liveblogging The Kitchn Cure Fall 2014

The Kitchn Cure Day 11 Task: Declutter the Pantry

Now that all the big and small appliances are clean, it's time to edit and clean the pantry this week for the Kitchn Cure. Like a soldier readying herself for battle, I accepted this challenge and prepared to combat all the expired, spoiled, and disorganized goods I have in my cupboards.

Let's take a look at my extremely disorganized cupboards full of pantry goods, shall we? It's a mess. I'm sorry.

I took everything out of the cupboards to be inspected. Here's all my stuff in all of its glory. It's not cute.

After taking all my stuff out I rearranged it into categories: bakings things, nuts and seeds, grains, canned goods, drink items (tea mostly), and finally vinegars and oils.

After arranging things, it was time to edit stuff down. I looked at every item to see if it was expired or spoiled. If the item was expired or spoiled, I tossed it. If the item wasn't expired I either kept it or I put it in a designated box for donations.

I had a fair amount of things that were expired, unfortunately. Nothing too bad, but some cans, nuts, and grains that really couldn't be used anymore.

After I had my edited list of pantry goods, I set about washing unused containers and jam jars to store things in. I didn't buy anything pretty or expensive to store things in. With the help of some cute Washi tape and paper, I labeled all the containers.

My baking supplies

My grains

My jam jars being put to good use. Washi tape doing its thing by making things look good.

My seeds and nuts

My honeys, unopened hot sauces, and unopened BBQ sauce

My oils and vinegars

Next it was time to move on to my spice storage space. I only had a couple jars of spices that were expired, but everything else was good to go.

This Kitchn Cure assignment took a surprisingly long time to complete, but I found it super helpful. I realized that because my cupboards were so messy, I didn't really know what was in them half the time. As a result, I was being rather wasteful and not using things that were about to expire. Not cool.

I'm looking forward to organizing my pantry in such a way that similar things are together, and more accessible. I might have had to toss a few valuable kitchen ingredients, but it was a lesson well learned. I can't wait to go grocery shopping to stock up on things!

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(Image credits: Ariel Knutson; The Kitchn)