Good Quote: Laurie Colwin on Home Cooking

It's Home Cooking month here at The Kitchn, and our title is partially an homage to Laurie Colwin and her marvelous book, Home Cooking: A Writer In the Kitchen. Here is a quote from Colwin in the piece that launches the book. We'll check back in with her throughout the month.

"Unlike some people, who love to go out, I love to stay home."
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This may be caused by laziness, anxiety or xenophobia and in the days when my friends were happily traveling to Bolivia and Nepal, I was ashamed to admit that what I liked best was hanging around the house.

I am probably not much fun as a traveler, either. My idea of a good time abroad is to visit someone's house and hang out, poking into their cupboards if they will let me. One summer I spent some time in a farmhouse on the island of Minorca. This was my idea of bliss: a vacation at home (even if it wasn't my home). I could wake up in the morning, make the coffee and wander outside to pick apricots for breakfast. I could wander around the markets figuring out that night's dinner. In foreign countries I am drawn into grocery shops, supermarkets and kitchen supply houses. I explain this by reminding my friends that, as I was taught in my Introduction to Anthropology, it is not just the Great Works of mankind that make a culture. It is the daily things, like what people eat and how they serve it.

-- Laurie Colwin, Home Cooking ($12 at Amazon)

We'll check back in with her throughout the month.

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