Can You Help Me Find an Oversized Yet Inexpensive Cutting Board?

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Q: I'm trying to find a large (approx 25" x 20") butcher block/cutting board for the countertop of my new apartment. But I haven't seen many close to that size and the ones I have seen are WAY out of my price range.

Since the expense of moving has tapped me out for a while, I'm hoping to keep the purchase under $75. Have any suggestions on where I should be looking? Is my budget even reasonable?

Sent by Rachele

Editor: Rachele, here are two options:

Pastry/ Bread Board (pictured above), $89.99 at Overstock. A little out of your price range, but quite large and substantial.

LAGAN Countertop, beech, $39 at IKEA. Or you could create your own cutting board with a slab of butcher block countertop, sanded down a bit and finished with food-grade oil.

Readers, any thoughts or ideas?

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(Image: Overstock)