Yummy, Homemade, & Filling Snacks for My Lunchbox?

Yummy, Homemade, & Filling Snacks for My Lunchbox?

Faith Durand
Jul 23, 2010

Q: I find it hard to put together a lunch that is filling enough to stave off hunger for the whole day. I also don't eat a huge breakfast, so I end up hungry for a snack shortly before or shortly after lunch. Aside from bringing along some fruit or yogurt, which I already do, what suggestions can you give for homemade, yummy, filling (and vegetarian) snacks I can take with me to supplement my lunches?

Sent by Arielle

Editor: Arielle, while it is great to have a snack in the morning and afternoon (it will keep your energy up) we also wonder if you might want to think about eating a more substantial breakfast and lunch. Perhaps start cooking a big pot of beans at the beginning of the week? Beans in your lunch will help keep you full longer; they are high in both protein and fiber.

Having said that, here are lots of lunch snack ideas!

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Readers, any fresh suggestions for Arielle?

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