What Are Good Ways to Use Smoked Spanish Paprika?

What Are Good Ways to Use Smoked Spanish Paprika?

Faith Durand
Jan 4, 2010

Q: I recently acquired a lot of smoked spanish paprika, which I love, but I need to figure out how to use!

The only recipe that I know of that calls for it is Chicken Paprikash. I'd like a good Chicken Paprikash recipe, since the one I've used isn't that great, but I'd also love learning about more ways to use this spice.

Sent by Betsy

Editor: Betsy, this is our secret ingredient! We loved smoked paprika. It has just enough spiciness to be interesting, and its smokiness gives depth to recipes. We use it in baked eggs, potato casseroles, sprinkled on roasted tomatoes, and in beef stews. Sometimes we use just a hint — not so much that it defines a dish, but just enough to give it a smoky note in the background. It's a great spice for adding flavor and depth to vegetarian and vegan dishes, and to dishes that are light on fat.

Here's another look at smoked paprika, with some great ideas for using it:

From the Spice Cupboard: Smoked Paprika

Readers, how do you like to use smoked paprika? And do you have any Chicken Paprikash recipe recommendations?

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