Help Me Find a Good Yet Inexpensive Drip Coffee Maker

Help Me Find a Good Yet Inexpensive Drip Coffee Maker

Faith Durand
Oct 6, 2011

Q: Please help me pick a automatic drip coffee maker! The fall is here and my early morning work schedule (out the door before 7!) is back in full swing. My lovely French press is no longer going to cut it. I desperately want a coffee maker that I can set up the night before so I can wake up to a pot brewing.

The numerous options are leaving me a bit overwhelmed with coming to a decision and I was hoping for some good advice as to brands or particular models I should consider. I was told that cone shaped vs flat bottom filter areas are better?

I'm on a budget (under $100) and obviously taste is of the upmost importance.

Sent by Anna

Editor: Readers, what would you suggest for Anna? Do you like your automatic drip coffee maker? Are there any features you particularly recommend looking for?

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(Image: Cuisinart via Amazon)

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