Can You Help Me Justify Buying a Scone Pan?

Can You Help Me Justify Buying a Scone Pan?

Faith Durand
May 19, 2011

2011_05_16-Scone.jpgQ: I recently took a second job working at a coffee shop. I bake scones in the mornings, and I have fallen in love with their scone pan, which helps the scones come out in beautiful triangles (versus my initial instinct to make drop scones).

I'm thinking of picking one up for my home, but want to know if there are other uses for a scone pan so I can avoid a uni-tasker.

Sent by Susanna

Editor: Susanna, you could bake pretty much anything in this scone pan, including mini-quiches and frittatas, cookies, and cupcakes. Anything, that is, that you want in a triangle shape.

Readers, any advice or tips for Susanna?


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(Image: NordicWare/Macy's)

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