Help! What Can I Do With Red Peppers in Vinegar?

Help! What Can I Do With Red Peppers in Vinegar?

Faith Durand
Aug 27, 2010
Q: I live 700 km from the nearest grocery store, so I stock up about 3 times a year. Imagine my horror when I opened one of 10 jars of roasted red peppers to find out I had bought red peppers in vinegar by mistake. I tried rinsing them but they are way too sour to substitute for roasted peppers.

What on earth can I do with these?

Sent by Rachelle

Editor: Rachelle, wow, that's a long drive for groceries! These red peppers in vinegar are usually used on antipasti platters, or as an accompaniment to meat. We are a little stumped on what else to do with them. Readers, do you have any suggestions for Rachelle — perhaps stew recipes that included peppers in vinegar?

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