Good Question: What's a Good Pot for Cooking Rice?

Here's a good question from reader Joan on simplifying and reducing her kitchen cookware. She's getting rid of her rice cooker...

The entry about how good a large skillet is got me thinking about simplifying my kitchenware. When I moved into my small space, I gave away my inherited set of pots and pans and streamlined.

I would like to get rid of a large and unwieldy rice cooker that a friend gave me awhile ago, but don't want to buy a smaller electronic version. What type/size of pot could I get that wouldn't be too big or too small for making rice, but would be really versatile in the kitchen?

Joan, we use a 4-quart pot, usually, for making rice. Here are a few on Amazon, from left to right in our image above:

Chantal Enamel-on-Steel, $95
Revere 2000, $44.95
KitchenAid Gourmet Reserved Hard Anodized 4.5-Quart Covered Saucepot, $39.99

Check discount stores like TJ Maxx and Ross for great deals on high-end cookware. You can also get discounted All-Clad cookware at this online store: Cookware & More.

A 4-5 quart stockpot is endlessly versatile in the kitchen; we use ours for everything and find that it's the perfect size for most amounts of rice. If we're making rice for one we just use a saucepan and lid.

Any other thoughts for Joan?

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