Good Question: What Should I Serve With Tacos?

Here's a fun question from Sarah, who is looking for a good side dish to serve with tacos. What would you suggest?

It's my fiance's birthday on Friday and I'm throwing a small dinner party for him. He selected tacos as the main dish. The issue is, I have no idea of what to serve on the side of tacos! They seem like a pretty complete dish on their own, with meat, cheese and vegetables in them and all, but I really feel like I need to come up with something else and I'm just at such a loss.

Sarah, we agree that tacos are a pretty complete dish. You can serve a lot of extras that can go in tacos or stand on their own, like a tossed mix of greens and lettuce, or a cumin and lemon-spiked couscous grain salad. You can also offer a lightly dressed lemon and honey fruit salad to cool down any spicy flavors.

But we wouldn't work too hard to offer side dishes; just set out a big spread of taco goodies and let people arrange them as they want. And perhaps serve those Pineapple Macadamia Upside-Down Bars for dessert?

Readers, any thoughts?

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