Good Question: What Should I Make With Sour Cherries?

Reader Laura asks:

I was lucky enough to buy a quart of sour cherries at the Union Square Greenmarket today and now I am wondering what kind of dessert to make with them. Ideas?Laura, this is one of our favorite types of questions! We love sour cherries, and they are great to bake with - better than the darker, sweeter cherries. They hold their shape a bit better and they have a more complex flavor for baking.

Honestly, our favorite thing to do with cherries is clafoutis. This is an eggy, sweet pancake-like breakfast dish stuffed with cherries. It would make a lighter dessert - not too sweet or rich.

Weekend Breakfast Report: Triple Fruit Clafouti

If you want something a little sweeter, try one of these two recipes from Epicurious:

Brandied Sour Cherry And Pear Tartlets
Classic Sour Cherry Pie With Lattice Crust

Any more ideas for Laura? What's your favorite sour cherry dessert?

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(Images: Sang An for Gourmet; James Wojcik for Bon App├ętit)