Good Question: What Should We Put On Our Wedding Registry?

Good Question: What Should We Put On Our Wedding Registry?

Faith Durand
Feb 15, 2008

Was last night an especially good night for you? Did you perhaps get engaged on the purportedly most romantic day of the year? Well. If so, here is a good question for you.

Benjy wants to know what to put on the wedding registry - we don't have a lot of advice, so readers chime in please.

My fiancee and I are working on our wedding registries. We both love to cook and were wondering what people found to be truly wonderful, can't-live-without-it wedding gifts. Also, which ended up just taking up space and never being used? (BTW, we already have our KitchenAid mixer.)

Benjy, we (I, in this case) have never put together a wedding registry and in fact have such a collection of kitchen tools and paraphernalia that if such a day should ever come when I am standing in Macy's with one of those ray gun scanners in my hand, I will probably register for four escargot forks, yet another set of egg cups, and a mixer cover. Maybe a giant new skillet too but only so I can hang an even bigger one on my wall.

So, instead of offering helpful personal advice, I will direct you to past posts on setting up a kitchen, full of very opinionated and diverse advice from yours truly, fellow editors, and our community on things that MUST go in a kitchen, and things that should NOT.

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OK, happily married readers, take it away from here. What kitchen items are you glad you registered for, and what did you promptly return for cash?

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