Good Question: What Do I Do With a Bag of Hot Peppers?

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Recently when my wife was in Chinatown, I asked her to pick up some "La Jiao", or hot pepper paste. 

Instead, she brought home a bag of fresh, hot, green peppers.  Now, hot pepper paste I know what to do with, the fresh hot peppers, not so much.

Do you have any recommendations for using these things?


Roger, what a nice problem to have! Those peppers look beautiful. We have several suggestions, and we know that our readers will pitch in more. First of all, try freezing them. This month's Cook's Illustrated has excellent instructions for freezing fresh produce.

You could also preserve them yourself! We have a good recipe for this: Southeast Asian Roasted Chile Sauce. You roast the peppers and blend with scallions and fish sauce. This will keep for weeks.

You could also pickle the peppers and can them - it's not as difficult as it sounds.

Any other ideas for Roger and his peppers?

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