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Dear Kitchen,

I realized this weekend as I was peeling a sweet potato, that my vegetable peeler is totally dull. Is it possible to get them sharpened or should I just toss it and get a new one? It's not that I don't want to spend the money, but it seems strange that they would be disposable.


Dear Eliza,

It does seem strange that there is no way to sharpen a vegetable peeler, but I phoned several shops specializing in cutlery and knife sharpening and none of them could do it. One shop, however, recommended a vegetable peeler made by Kyocera ($17.95). It has a ceramic blade that will stay incredibly sharp for, I'm told, 20 years.

Oxo also makes a highly rated version, the I-series Swivel Peeler, ($7.99) which has blade that can be replaced when it gets dull. Hope that helps.