Good Question: Best Boxed Wine for a Camping Trip?

Christina of blog Thirty a Week is looking for good boxed wine suggestions. She writes:

Going canoe camping Memorial Day weekend and our group is looking for some good boxed wine to take with us (no drinking while canoe-ing!!) since we have to pack light. Suggestions?

Christina, Mary did a post on bag-in-the-box wine a little while ago and you may find some good ideas in the comments:

Bag-in-Box Wine: What's Your View?

Other than that, we aren't much help on this. Box wine has actually been gaining in popularity due to its more environmentally friendly packaging, ease of transportation, and other factors. But we just haven't investigated it much yet. Readers, what's the best box wine you know, and do you have any recommendations in that line for Christina?

Keep an eye out for any canoeing reports on Christina's blog, Thirty a Week, too.

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