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Time to start thinking about holiday food gifts! This is our favorite part of December, and reader Rebecca helps us kick it off with this question:

I've decided to make granola for friends and family this Christmas, in part to simplify the holiday. But I'm not sure what to do about packaging. I'm loath to put my organic treats in plastic tubs or bags, but I want the granola to stay somewhat fresh and money is tight. Any ideas?

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Rebecca, our biggest suggestion is quart-sized glass Mason jars, which, as you may be able to tell, we like for storing all kinds of things.

They're also easy to dress up and decorate, like the ones pictured above from AfricanKelli's Flickr set. You can see a lot more of her projects and homemade gifts in her Jars of Renewal set here:

Jars of Renewal at Flickr

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Glass jars like these are recyclable, pretty, and airtight. They'll keep the granola fresh. They also just feel more weighty and substantial than plastic packaging. We love reusing these for storage and for casual arrangements of flowers.

They are also inexpensive; you can find them for less than a dollar a jar at some hardware stores and dollar stores.

• Buy quart canning jars: Wide Mouth Quart Mason Jars, $14.55 for a dozen at Amazon

Shipping will cost you, though; we would suggest buying these at any hardware store or even a grocery store.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
One other idea is packing granola into wax paper bags, and then into decorated brown paper sacks, like the ones pictured above from Martha Stewart and our own post last December. Here are more suggestions for using bags to package food.

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Here are our favorite granola recipes:

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What else? What other ideas do you have for packing gifts like granola? And do you have photos to share? Link them up!

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