How Can I Make Nutella At Home?
Good Questions

How Can I Make Nutella At Home?
Good Questions

Faith Durand
Jul 27, 2009

Q: Because I'm human, I love Nutella. I really want to try to make it myself, but all the recipes I've found call for grinding hazelnuts yourself. I don't have a food processor (I make pesto in a coffee grinder), but I do have an awesome local health food store that sells hazelnut butter.

My question: how much hazelnut butter does a cup of hazelnuts yield? Also, do you have a good Nutella recipe? — Sent by Suzy

Editor: Suzy, we do not have a good Nutella recipe, but we found a few online. They all call for using whole hazelnuts, though. Readers, do you have some good suggestions for Suzy?

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