Lyla is neatening up her kitchen, and she is annoyed by garlic and onion skins falling all over the counter. Can you suggest a better storage option for garlic and onions?

I'm looking for suggestions for a neat, contained way to store onions and garlic in the kitchen. I originally wanted to put up a wire basket in the corner in these pictures, but think it might look too cluttered and messy. Sorry for the funky pix - we're cleaning the kitchen today, which is what prompted the question...we're finding onion and garlic skins all over the counter. Thanks!

Lyla, this is a good question. We don't think the basket would clutter up the corner too much, but you may still have a problem with loose onion skins wafting down onto the counter. We have mostly resigned ourselves to onion skins, since our onions sit in a large basket in the corner of the counter. We would suggest a more closed-in basket, perhaps, that can be placed on the floor. We also like these garlic and onion keepers from Mexico.

Also, just a reminder: don't store your potatoes and onions together!

Readers, what kind of good onion and garlic storage solutions have you come up with? Have you spotted any particularly good ideas lately?

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(Images: Lyla)