Help Me Find Alton Brown's Olive Oil Baster-Dropper-Thing

Help Me Find Alton Brown's Olive Oil Baster-Dropper-Thing

Faith Durand
Jul 10, 2009

Ali wrote to us, looking for Alton Brown's very cool olive oil baster.

I was watching the show "Good Eats" on Food Network and he was using this amazing baster tool for his olive oil. Any idea what it may be called and where I could find one?

Ali, there are quite a few oil droppers, cruets, and basters that are similar to the one that Alton Brown uses, and we'll list those below. But here's the exact one he uses — we're rather enamored of it too!

Progressive Portion Pro Dropper, pictured above on right and at top of post. $14 at Amazon.

Here are a few more that are also nice:

Norpro Glass Oil Cruet, pictured directly above on left. Similar to Alton Brown's, but with a brush on the end. $12.99 at Amazon.
Glass Cruets, pictured at top of post on bottom right. $25 for set at Chef's Planet.
Pipette Bottles from Camilla Kropp. Will be available from MOMA Store this fall for $60/set.

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