Good Product: Trio Herb Pot

Good Product: Trio Herb Pot

Kathryn Hill
Mar 18, 2008

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day and Spring, this cheerful and bursting-with-green Trio Herb Pot from A+R Store is perfect for our windowsill.

We love the clean, simple Scandinavian design of this three-herb ceramic pot. It's one single pot with three openings - simply put the plant in an opening, and add water via the small opening in the corner. The design uses a broad base to allow the herbs access to water without being waterlogged, and allows air to circulate. The pot comes apart for easy cleaning.

We already know the perfect windowsill to put this on, but we can't decide which herbs to buy. Sage, basil, rosemary? Thyme, mint, chives? Which herbs would you choose?

(Photo by A+R)

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