Good Product: Trader Joe's Red Mole

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Making mole is an ambitious task so we decided to try the jar of Trader Jose’s Red Mole stashed in the pantry. We are pleased to report it is delicious.

Believe me, I’m somewhat of a mole snob especially since my friend Ron Cooper started bringing us jars of homemade mole from Oaxaca to accompany bottles of his artisan Del Maguey mezcal. This quick and dirty meal only requires that you mix the sauce with some chicken stock and boiled shredded chicken. Serve with a side of rice and beans and you’re set.

If you find yourself inspired to grind and blend your own mole I suggest you consult any book by Diana Kennedy, (read about her here), a Brit who has been called the Elizabeth David of Mexico because she has dedicated her cooking life to documenting the cuisine south of the border.


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