Good Product: Saucepan Whisk

Good Product: Saucepan Whisk

[Faith gave us this product review as part of her application for the writer/editor positions. Comment away!]

This whisk, shaped like a milk frother or a coiled spring, can be a more effective tool in the kitchen than the more common balloon whisk. It is significantly better for cooking sauces and eggs - anything in a small or flat-bottomed pan that needs to be whisked smooth. The flat, curved head fits perfectly into the corners of a saucepan, and since the bottom of the whisk is flat instead of pointed you're less likely miss spots.

The familiar balloon whisk, shaped like a teardrop, is better for use with rounded bowls and for aerating a mixture - cake batter, for instance, or egg whites.

IKEA has these (left) in paired bundles with a balloon whisk for $0.99, only available in stores.

For something a little fancier, try this Rosle Saucepan Whisk at Sur La Table for $16.

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