Good Product: Pure Fun All-Natural Candy Canes

Good Product: Pure Fun All-Natural Candy Canes

Faith Durand
Dec 15, 2006

Pure Fun is a candy company based in Toronto that has received some buzz for their organic, fair-trade, vegan, all-natural, kosher and gluten-free products. Their candy floss, an organic version of cotton candy, has been a bestseller for them. It comes in several tempting flavors, like Spicy Cinnamon and Root Beer ($15.89, Amazon).

They've also entered the holiday candy market, taking on the ubiquitous yet essential candy cane.

I love candy canes; there's something about the shape that makes them more delicious than plain mints, but the Red Dye #3 has always given me pause. These All-Natural Candy Canes ($2.89, Vegan Essentials) are colored instead with natural ingredients like beet extract. There's nutritional information on their website.

• Also available at Whole Foods.

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