Good Product: Lifetime Measuring Cups

If we didn't already have two sets of measuring cups, we'd be buying this set from Lee Valley Tools, and here's why. Two words: Imperial, and metric.

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Yes, these stainless steel cups are marked with metric equivalents to their Imperial measurements, very handy when adapting all those British, European, and Australian recipes. Heck, any recipes except American!

They are also built from high-grade stainless steel, much better than our plastic cups which are always getting chewed up in the dishwasher. Their measurements are stamped into the sides and the handles, so there's no chance that ink will get rubbed off. (Like on our current measuring spoons: we're always guessing which is the teaspoon.) Each cup also has impressed graduations on the inside and outside, so you can use the 3/4 cup to measure 1/2 cup as well.

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And as if they couldn't get any cooler, they have pouring lips on both sides, to make them handy for both lefties and righties.

These are durable and very well-designed; we recommend them!

Lifetime Measuring Cups, $18.50 at Lee Valley.

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(Images: Lee Valley)

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