Good Product: Expandable Cooling Rack

We have a hate/love relationship with our cooling racks. On the one hand they are indispensable for helping cakes and cookies to cool faster and more evenly. One the other hand, they get tangled in a maddening way in our baking cupboard. Lee Valley has one solution to this dilemma: An expandable cooling rack.

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This cooling rack expands from 14" x 14" to a fully extended length of 14" x 35." That's pretty big! That would be big enough for a major batch of cookies, and yet take up a nicely compact space in your cupboard. The racks are made out of nickel-plated steel mesh panels, and they slide like drawers to nest into each other for storage.

Do you have an expandable cooling rack? What do you think of it?

Find it: Expandable Cooling Rack, $19.95 at Lee Valley Tools

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(Image: Lee Valley Tools)

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