(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Something about the fall makes me want to devour massive amounts of blue cheese. I suppose it's because of how well the pungant flavor works with other autumnal favorites like walnuts and pears. If I haven't had to chance to bake off some crostini, I love to eat crumbly slices on Cracked Black Pepper Crackerthins ($5.99). They are terribly light and crisp with a nice kick of pepper. They are the perfect blank slate for whatever you like to top it with, from cheese and pate to tapenade and fig jam. I prefer them to ordinary water crackers, which I find to be a bit like chewing damp newspaper. The best part is that they are also very low in fat and 15 crackers has a mere 41 calories (although I guess that's a bit like ording a Diet Coke and a slice of cheese cake, but whatever).

The crackers are manufactured in Victoria, Australia by Valley Produce Company, which was founded by chef Christopher Smith. The company also does a line of olive oils, dressings, nuts and other little treats like truffle honey.