Good Product: Circa Ceramics

Good Product: Circa Ceramics

Joanna Miller
Sep 23, 2008

Our favorite dishes are usually the ones with a lot of color and a little spunk, so naturally, we're loving the whimsical pieces from Chicago's Circa Ceramics.

Duo Andy Witt and Nancy Pizarro create their wares in a Ravenswood studio, drawing inspiration from restaurants, coffee houses, commercial tableware and how people use these pieces.

Bowls and mugs range from $20 to $100. They also offer made-to-order three-piece place settings ($145) that include a 16-ounce bowl, a lo bowl and a plate.

In Chicago, check them out at ArtWalkRavenswood on October 4 and 5. Their products are available at several stores nationwide (listed on their web site) and through their Etsy store.

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(Images: Circa Ceramics)

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