Good Meals & Baked Goods for a Week on a Remote Island?

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Q: My family has a cabin on a beautiful remote island in Canada. Sounds like an idyllic spot for a 10 day vacation, right? Unfortunately, the nearest grocery store is an hour and a half away, and we don't have a functioning oven. Any suggestions for baked goods I can prepare that will keep for a 16-hour car ride and a week on an island? How about meals I can plan with ingredients that will keep? I want to eat well in the middle of nowhere!

Sent by Sophia

Editor: Sophia, wow — that does indeed sound remote! Think about using the grill (does the cabin have one?). You can make flatbread (and kebabs!) on the grill, as well as basic loaves of no-knead bread.

Readers, what else would you suggest for Sophia and her vacation on a remote island?


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