Good Lunches for a College Student with All-Day Classes?

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Q: I am a college student with classes three days a week from 8:00am straight through until 2:45pm. My instructor for the 12:00pm class has said we can eat in her class, but it's speech, and I have no access to a fridge, a microwave, and it would be pretty tough to use a fork or spoon.

I am sick and tired of vending machine lunches! Help!

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Editor: Libby, this reminds me of this very similar question:

Brown Bag Meals: Best (Quiet) Snacks for Eating In Class?

I think that one of your best bets would be to make very simple yet modular lunches. Get a sealed tiffin or another compartmentalized container, and carry some hard cheese, grapes, a peanut butter sandwich, a few crackers, and a small container of hummus. These should all be fine without refrigeration for a few hours. Supplement with cherry tomatoes, cookies, dried fruit, a protein bar, and containers of nuts. For a few more ideas, check out this post:

What Foods Can You Carry On The Plane?

Readers, any ideas for Libby?

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