Good Idea: Freestanding Four-Arm Plant Hanger

Good Idea: Freestanding Four-Arm Plant Hanger

Kathryn Hill
May 14, 2008

On Monday we wrote about growing potatoes in a bag. While browsing around on the same website for space-saving gardening solutions, we came across the Freestanding Four-Arm Plant Hanger.

We really like this idea as it makes good use of vertical space, and leaves much less clutter on the ground. Some vegetables grow well in hanging baskets; tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and snap peas, to name a few. Growing vegetables in hanging baskets also means they aren't sitting on the ground, so they are less likely to have soft, flat, light-colored spots on one side, and less likely to be eaten by critters such as deer, rabbits, and other ground-based garden nibblers.

(Image: Gardener's Supply Company)

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