Good Food Picks for Springtime

Springtime is here! Finally, we can put away the cold of winter and welcome in the sun and fresh air. This is the time of the year for things like fiddlehead ferns, ramps, tender peas and shoots, and so much more. Hurry and grab them, because like the season and the flowers, they are fleeting. Read on to see the culinary must-haves this Spring ...Fiddlehead Ferns - they taste like a cross between green beans and asparagus. Ramps - the wild leeks you should try Lamb English Peas Asparagus Pea Shoots - tender and delicious Nasturtiums - colorful, edible flowers with peppery leaves Fava Beans - enjoy them with a nice Chianti! Stinging Nettles - add a little "zing" to your cooking Dandelion Greens - delicious salad right in your yard

(Images: Kathryn Hill)